Ceo Message

At the beginning of my speech I thank God and praise him.

There is no doubt that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. This was the beginning aspiration, which we have always been careful and never despair. We may face the pitfalls and pitfalls of our lives, but we are always keen and never to make it stages we upgrade to reach the best.

I am fully pleased and honored due to you visit our website, we would like to present to you through our website a comprehensive presentation on the development and progress of our exhibitions in recent years, about the successes that have been achieved by Almighty God and the efforts of the team working in a collective spirit.

Every time I remember how we started and how we got up and where we stand now I feel proud of all the success we have had. At the time we were established in 1998, we were young and have almost no experience where we were learning and aspiring to a prestigious position. We started from nothing, but we were able to make great achievements. In the past, the name of our exhibitions was not known to anyone in the Emirates, but now our name has become a shining light in our beloved Emirates.

We open our hearts before the pages of our site, all the ideas and suggestions to join together and place a prestigious position in the world of import and export, buying and selling, so we began with you and we will keep the Covenant to provide the best services and prices.

Finally, I want to share with you the secret of our success: "hard work and accumulations of years of experience." This is what we are keen on in our exhibitions, because having an integrated experience of our scope enables us to take steady steps to achieve our aspirations and give us the ability to overcome all our future difficulties and challenges.

Chief Executive Officer

Adnan Abdelkader